Become early adopter and win up to $300
Start date: 6 march
Prize poll: $1000
Furios PVP action
Great for parties, great for serious gaming
Addictive gameplay
With simple control and realistic gunfights
3 maps, 4 heroes
Robotic wild west world
100+ guaranteed prizes
Prize pool: 196 Steam gift cards
RevolVR 3 has been very successful in VR-Arcades for several years now and we have been able to organize great tournaments with more than 30 000 players from 14 countries. The home version of RevolVR 3 soon will be released on Steam and we want to bring this magic together with LIV into your living room.

The first online tournament is scheduled for March 6, 2021. Right before that you will have 2 weeks to practice and to get the highest score in bottle shooting. Top 192 players will compete against each other in the deathmatch series. The winner will get an $300 Steam gift card!
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Tournament rules:
1. February 22, 2021 till March 6, 2021 - the practice period. You will need to be in TOP-192 Battle range shooters to participate in the Tournament.

2. March 7, 2021 - the beginning of the Tournament. We will post 32 sixes and guide everyone how to participate in the deathmatch series.

3. March 7, 2021 - March 20, 2021 - the main action. Three winners from each group of six go to the next round to play with other winners. We will need six rounds to determine the winner!

4. March 20, 2021 - end of the tournament. The winners get their prizes.
Start date:
6 march 2021

Finish date:

20 march 2021

Prize pool:

1 place $300 Steam gift card
2 place $150 Steam gift card
3 place $100 Steam gift card
4 place $50 Steam gift card
5 place $30 Steam gift card
6 place $20 Steam gift card
7-12 places $10 Steam gift card